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Individual Talks

Plenary Talks

September 26

Introduction- Charles Baltay
Studies in Japan- Yoshiaki Fujii
Studies in Europe- David Miller
Collider Outlook and Plans- David Burke
Collider Design and R&D- Nobukazu Toge
Search for New Physics- William Marciano
Physics Goals and Reference Reactions- Michael Peskin
Vertex Detectors- Jim Brau
Tracking- Keith Riles
Calorimetry- Andy White
Other Detector Components- Hitoshi Yamamoto
Simulation Software- Richard Dubois

September 27

Theory of the ttbar Threshold- Andre Hoang
Machine and Detector Issues- Ron Settles

September 28

New Signatures of Gauge Mediated Models- Steven Martin

September 29- Reports by Detector Subgroups

Vertex Detector- Harry Nelson
Tracking Detector- Dean Karlen
Particle ID- Hitoshi Yamamoto
Calorimetry- Frank Porter
Muon Detector- David Koltick
Data Acquisition, Electronics- Tony Barker
Electron-electron, gamma-gamma, electron-gamma options- Karl Van Bibber
Interaction Region, Backgrounds- Stan Hertzbach

Breakout Sessions

Physics Group Parallel Sessions

Detector Group Parallel Sessions

  • Data Acquisition, Electronics
  • Electron-electron, gamma-gamma, electron-gamma backgrounds
  • Interaction Region, Backgrounds- September 27
  • Interaction Region, Backgrounds- September 28
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