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Workshop on Physics and Detectors for Future e+ e- Linear Colliders

Keystone, Colorado
September 26-29, 1998

Following the recommendations of the recent HEPAP Gilman Subpanel, a series of workshops and a set of working groups were organized to study the physics and detectors of future electron-positron linear colliders. The first of these workshops was held at Keystone, Colorado from Saturday, September 26 through Tuesday noon, September 29, 1998. A purpose of this workshop was to start organizing the regional effort to participate in an international study on the physics and detectors associated with these colliders.

There will be funding available for R&D on detectors for future e+e- colliders starting in FY99. Part of the purpose of this workshop was to set up working groups to start developing a detector R&D plan, leading to R&D proposals for the first round of R&D funds.

All scientists who wish to participate in this effort were invited to attend, and all groups who may have an interest in this program were urged to have some representation at this workshop.

Here is further information about the conference:

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