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Our present experiments are:

In addition we are involved on the development of the detector associated with a high energy Linear Collider. You can take a look at American Linear Collider Website

We have a large group of undergraduates looking into the possibility of studying supersymmetry at the NLC.You can look at an overview of our work; you can also read a tutorial describing supersymmetry at the NLC.

Our group worked recently on the following experiments:

The University of Colorado was one of the hosts for the Linear Collider R&D Workshop at Keystone in September 1998.

You can look at the home pages of the present members of our group:

You can also look at the home pages of our recent graduates:

For convenience, you can take a look at a map of the entire web site.

There are also other experimental high energy physicists at CU; you can see another HEP web page at http://www-hep.colorado.edu/.

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